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The Grallt

The Grallt are the aliens that encountered Earth by a navigational mistake. They are quite humanoid in appearance and behavior, but there some differences:

"(The Grallt) had two eyes arranged frontally, sandy-brown head hair parted on the left, and a pair of ears in more or less the regulation position, but that was where the similarities ended. Instead of anything like a nose he had a long cleft, beginning between the eyes and spreading at the bottom into an inverted Y that formed his upper lip, and his jaw was slightly wider and less pointed than the norm for human beings"

"Grallt of Znereda’s sex were biologically female, in that they produced ova; Dee’s sex produced sperm. "Males" had an ovipositor, similar in structure and function to a penis, but nothing resembling testicles. A "Male" deposited an egg in the body of a "female," where it was fertilized and grew to maturity. Grallt sperm, like the human version, needed to be kept cooler than body temperature, so "females" had testicles similar to a human male’s, but their sex organs were otherwise similar to those of human females, including provisions for suckling"

The Enkheil

Artist's rendering of defiant Enkheil. Image courtesy of Lunaromon

The Enkheil are the first aliens that humans encountered after leaving Earth. Their home planet is Keelisika. As all of the Kree the Enkheil are humanoids, generally taller than humans and with Pug - like faces. All modern Enkheil have wings, but are unable to fly due to their weight.

The Enkheil have their own history of bloody wars and over time have solved the problem by creating military units of different types regularly engaging each other in mock combat. One of the famous airborne units are the Combat Dancers who engaged SPADET-1 twice and lost both times. Khrog Dhakgo and his mate Ghnal Dhango are the leaders of the Combat Dancers

The Enkheil have stories about "Mud People" - species native to Keelisika sharing the same appearance as humans. The Mud People live as nomads, possess advanced technology and are always willing to help strangers, but never give any explanations.

The Bür

"The Draculas", the Bur are extremely war-like.

The N'saith

The Zeref

The Ferassi

The Kheis