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This page lists major places that have appeared in the book, both terrestrial and celestial.

This page contains spoilers since it lists all places in the book

Naval Station Mayport


Naval Station Mayport is a major US Navy base in the United States, located near Jacksonville, Florida. Peters and Todd arrive at the base before being shipped to Llapaaloapalla. Most of the enlisted crew members of SPADET-1 come from this base as well.

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Davis Monthan Air Force Base

Davis-Monthan AFB

Known as "The Boneyard", this base in Arizona is a storage facility for all excess and obsolete aircraft. Before the deployment to Llapaaloapalla, mothballed Tomcat and Hornet US Navy aircraft were retrieved from this base. The Grallt technicians then removed the turbofan jet engines and replaced them with Zifthkakik

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Keelisika, planet of the Enkhail. Image courtesy of Stock700

Keelisika, the planet of the Enkhail is the first planet humans ever reached after leaving Earth. Correct pronunciation in the native tongue is closer to "Kheeyithikha". The planet has oxygen-based atmosphere and is home of multiple species of the Enkhail, plus others