Navy Nicknames

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ABF Aviation Boatswains Mate Fuels = "Grapes" or "Fuelies" - Because they wear purple jerseys and helmets.

AD Aviation Machinists Mate = "Nose Picker" - They pick apart the nose of the plane. They inspect, adjust, test, repair and overhaul aircraft engines and propellers maintenance of turbo-jet aircraft engines and associated equipment.

AG Aerographers Mate = "Weather Guesser" - They never get the weather right, just like the ones on tv.

AM Aviation Structural Mechanic = "Tin Benders" - They are responsible for maintenance on the aircraft fuselage (mainframe), wings, airfoils, and associated fixed and moveable surfaces and flight control

AO Aviation Ordinanceman = "BB Stacker" - They load the ammo like a BB gun. Motto: IYAOYAS "If You Ain’t Ordnance You Ain’t Sh*t"

BM Boatswains Mate = "Boats" or "Rope Dopes" -They work with rope all the time.

CS Culinary Specialists - "Chef" or "Cookie", "Rice Cooker" - They cook rice at EVERY meal.

DT (Now HM's) Dental Technician = "Tooth Fairy" - What can I say? self explanatory.

PACT - "Deck Ape" – Any member of the Deck Department except GM. While GMs were organizationally in the Deck Department, to call one a Deck Ape invited the loss of blood and/or teeth.

GM Gunners Mate = "Gun Monkey" - A monkey that works on guns.

MC Mass Communications Specialist = "Shutterbug" - This comes from the old days when they were photography mates.

EM Electricians Mate = "Sparky" - They mess up, they get sparkies everywhere. The sparks are actually blue in color.

ET Electronics Technician = "Twidget" - A sailor who works or maintains electronic equipment, always carrying a "tweeker" (an adjuster) in there breast pocket to adjust components.

HM Hospital Corpsman = "Penis Machinist" or "Pecker checkers" - This is an old term that is still around because they do all the medical stuff. Motto: "With Love from a rubber glove".

HT Hull Maintenance Technician = "Turd Chaser" - If the toilets get clogged, they are the ship's roto-rooter experts.

MM Machinist Mate = "Monkey's Mate" - They are the monkeys that do everything.

PR Aircrew Survival Equipmentman = "silk packers" - the Parachutes material appears like silk

QM Quartermaster = "Wheels" - They steer the ships wheel guiding the ship to where it needs to go.

STG Sonar Technician = "Ping Jockey" - The sonar makes a "pinging" sound when the sonar makes a hit.

YN Yeoman = "Yoyo's" or "Quills" - Yoyo's since yeoman sounds like it. The quills refererences the old days when you wrote with quills instead of pens and pencils.