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Pleasant Greetings! This site is dedicated to Ric Locke's work, his book "Temporary Duty" and the Kree Universe! If you still haven't read the book, go and fix your mistake right now

If you are reading the book and have questions about all the Quotes, References, Navy Terms and Jargon, you've come to the right place. Might as well enjoy some Navy Fun while at it!

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A plane captain from VFA-97 Strike Fighter Squadron "Warhawks" examines her "bird". Brown shirt, dungarees (pants), light helmet and the "Mickey Mouse Ears" (ear protection) are clearly visible. See more VFA-97 pictures on Wikipedia
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Captain's Log

Stardate Log Entry
201512.02 Finally fixed the RSS feed preview from PetersPaol blog
201508.07 Added Quotes and References pages
201507.23 Finally added pages about Ric Locke and Temporary Duty book
201505.20 Spent many weeks fighting spam and hacks on the site. It didn't take long for the spammers to notice the site I guess...
201503.31 Added Enkheil and their home planet Keelisika, with pictures
201503.25 Finally got Random Image implemented! More images and more content coming soon!
201503.18 Added the render of kathir suit, courtesy of I really need to get the Credits page going!
201503.17 Replaced stock cover page image with the one donated by Stoaty Weasel, the original cover page artist
201503.15 Added "Missing Man Formation" to the Concepts page
201503.13 Davis-Monthan has been added to Places page
201503.08 Tomcat and Hornet Navy fighters have been added to Smallships page
201503.05 Initiated Concepts page and added Zifthkakik