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This page lists every little thing that doesn't seem to fit anywhere else - items, ideas, entities, hints and so forth!

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Kathir Suit

Kathir suit in Navy Blue, image courtesy of

Also known as an airsuit, long johns, footie pajamas or full-body spandex, the kathir suit is a junior-grade spacesuit capable of protecting its wearer from the coldness, extreme heat, vacuum and minor damage for a limited time. The suit generates a "bubble of air" around the person's head that serves as both a helmet and an oxygen tank. It is also capable of producing breathable air and takes care of CO2 removal and temperature control. A person wearing a kathir suit is capable of surviving up to 5 hours in space and has an ability to maneuver by using a built-in power source. The kathir suit can be programmed to have any color or/and insignia using the built-in controls. It opens and closes by operating multiple invisible "zippers".

At least two versions of the kathir suit exist. The Grallt version has controls on the belt buckle, is thicker and less durable. The Ferassi version is thinner but more durable, has a built-in control panel and a display on the left hand sleeve and is easier to take on and off. Both versions have invisible pockets that are capable of holding small-size items.

In order for a person to wear a kathir suit he or she needs to be measured down to every single detail (width, height, groin area) to ensure a perfect fit. A person wearing somebody else's kathir suit will feel extremely uncomfortable.


The mysterious engine of the Makers, capable of producing power without needing fuel or energy. Zifthkakik are shiny ovoids that come in different sizes - from a fist-sized to more than 10 of meters in diameter. The large zifthkakik are capable of moving starships through space at a very high speed and also reaching High Phase for FTL speeds.

In addition to generating power, the medium and large size zifthkakik are also capable of generating air, gravity and shielding within the invisible bubble originating from their center. The bubble maintains live support within its boundaries (air, CO2 removal and temperature control)

At least 2 versions of zifthkakik exist - the Grallt version and the Ferassi version. The former generates less power for the size and has some limitations in High Phase. Spaceships powered by a Ferassi version are capable of much higher speeds in both normal space and High Phase.

When not under control, the zifthkakik tend to seek one another and move closer if possible

Each zifthkakik has a unique identifier similar to a serial number and the portion of the identifier can be used for any other zifthkakik to locate one another regardless of distance

It is speculated that both kathir suits and seekers are powered by the miniature zifthkakik