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This page lists major characters in Temporary Duty book, in order of their appearance. As a rule only characters that have appeared more than once are listed here.
Character descriptions on this page are intentionally kept free of spoilers. Main characters from the book have their own pages that might contain spoilers. You have been warned!

John Howland Peters

Petty Office Second Class

Rank: Petty Officer Second Class (E5), United States Navy
Born: Whitesville, West Virginia
The main character in the book, Peters happened to be on the phone with Navy detailer when the request for temporary duty assignment to the alien ship came through. His official US Navy rank is Boatswain’s Mate Aviation Second Class

Kevin Todd

Petty Office Third Class
Rank: Petty Officer Third Class (E4), United States Navy

Born: Port Lavaca, Texas
Todd got the temporary duty assignment together with Peters. He's the second most important character in the book. He's younger than Peters and has lower rank (Electronics Technician Aviation Third Class). He speaks fluent Spanish and swims like a fish.

Khrog Dhakgo

Ghnal Dhango

Leaders of enkheil Combat Dancers squad

Ridley, HEL pod guard Cleeves Gellin, sub-supervisor of the vat Lindalu, Gellins supervisor

Linvenig, engineering officer in charge of zifthkakik, Lindalus relative

Ca, manager of the Star Bay Resort



Wally, Bartender

Lulakari, Boat rental manager


Ms Claudia Williams, 206


Mr. Hubert

Ms. Kline

Vredig, freighter pilot

Preligotis, the captain



Prethuvenigis, the first trader (Thuven)

Drava, the nekrit squadron leader

Denef, monkey barkeeper

Corse, manager of the hotel

Deris, master clerk?

Hale, PO

Dershowitz, second on Retard Two,

Gerard, Electrician


Gool, ferassi flunky

Goober the gunman, ferassi grallt

Chuckles, Horsig

Ipze Fredik Fers, head of security

Brendik Jons, second

Kheer, assistant investigator

Ander Korwitz

Alper Gor

Luter Ander

Gooligis, Trader-1049 representative



De'el, the steward

Tullin, office manager

Gerig, Peet’s mate, engineer

Jerry Wills, lieutenant

Henarigis, THuven’s deputy was in charge of human detachment’s business activities

Doris Doyle, pilot with pre-law experience

Donald Peters

Velix Teeda, bur squad commander

Lisi, Dhzeenis mate

Harold Carstairs, young IRS agent who captured Peters

Emmett Peters

Eve Peters

Djenis, Khurs mate